donate link to home page link to home page about the disease Save the Tasmanian devil. Devil Facial Tumouir Disease threatens the existence of this internationally-recognised icon. In some areas more than 90% of the Tasmanian devil population has been wiped out.

Roadkill Project

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In 2009, the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program launched its Roadkill Project. Because of YOU, it was a huge success! Since then, the Program has received well over 1000 roadkill reports, which have helped inform ongoing management strategies of wild populations.

We’d like to ask for your support again this year. Let us know if you see a roadkill devil, but if you can take and send us a photograph of the roadkill devil, it will make our job easier.

Although we are interested in reports of roadkill devils throughout the state, we are particularly keen to receive reports immediately of roadkill devils from the Tasman and Forestier Peninsulas. The Program is planning a project to establish a disease-free population of devils on the Forestier Peninsula and has undertaken a depopulation project. It is important for us to know the distribution and movement of devils remaining in this area.

Devil Pictures/tasdevilroadkillpage.jpgWhat you can do to help:

Things you can do

  • Slow down on the road between dusk and dawn
  • Stay informed about activities being undertaken by the Program 
  • Report Tasmanian devil roadkill sightings.

Ways to report roadkill

The Save the Tasmanian Devil Program keeps data of all devil roadkill reports, but only collects animals if they relate to a specific project we are running or if they are in a geographically sensitive area. So, don’t be surprised if you report a devil roadkill and the devil isn't collected – please be assured that your report has been noted.

Tasmanian devils are the hardest of all native species to see between dusk and dawn. Read the latest research on safe driving speeds for devil roadkill hotspots.

Thank you for supporting the Roadkill Project!

Pick up a form

Keep a supply of forms in your car and when you see a roadkill devil fill one out and drop it into the nearest mailbox as soon as possible.

Report forms are available from Parks & Wildlife Visitor Centres, Service Tasmania Shops, wildlife parks and Visitor Information Centres around the State.

You can also request forms by emailing or calling 6165 4300.


Frequently asked questions

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