donate link to home page link to home page about the disease Save the Tasmanian devil. Devil Facial Tumouir Disease threatens the existence of this internationally-recognised icon. In some areas more than 90% of the Tasmanian devil population has been wiped out.

Roadkill Project

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Roadkill is the second biggest threat to the survival of the Tasmanian devil after the devil facial tumour disease (DFTD).

In 2009 the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program launched its Roadkill Project in order to gather information on the numbers and geographic patterns of devils killed across Tasmania so we can consider mitigation strategies. The information provided also assists in our efforts to monitor the spread of DFTD.

Between late spring and summer the devil population swells as dispersing juvenile devils search for their own home range. This means more devils are on the roads during the peak Tasmanian holiday season so please take extra care on the roads and slow down between dusk and dawn.

What you can do to help reduce the number of Tasmanian devils dying on our roads

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  • Take care while driving at night
  • Slow down between dusk and dawn
  • Stay informed about activities being undertaken by the Program 


Report Sightings of Roadkilled Tasmanian Devils

Please report sightings of roadkilled Tasmanian Devils (including location details and a photo if possible) to:


But remember, safety first

  • Never put yourself in danger
  • Mever handle Tasmanian devils 


Further Information

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 Map showing distribution of roadkilled-Devils