donate link to home page link to home page about the disease Save the Tasmanian devil. Devil Facial Tumouir Disease threatens the existence of this internationally-recognised icon. In some areas more than 90% of the Tasmanian devil population has been wiped out.

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As the principal fundraiser for this iconic animal, the Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal seeks support to fund critical DFTD research and conservation programs.
Our vison is to create a vaccine that will give Tasmanian devils lifelong protection from Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD).

With losses of well over 80 percent of Tasmanian devils through DFTD the future for the devil looked bleak. However during the past ten years of collaborative research and conservation programs, progress has been extraordinary.

Researchers are now in a position to develop a vaccine that has rekindled hopes of saving this iconic species in the wild.

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Your donation will directly support:

  • Vaccine Research
  • Caring and monitoring devils in the wild
  • Community awareness and education

Help us secure their future today!

What could your money support?

  • $50 will allow researchers to check the health of one devil
  • $150 can help to take a devils blood and tissue samples
  • $250 will assist in the purchase of remote monitoring cameras for use in the wild.
  • $1,000 can assist in vaccine trials to protect devils from DFTD.

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You will be directed to a secure University of Tasmania site.

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+61 3 6324 3527

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