donate link to home page link to home page about the disease Save the Tasmanian devil. Devil Facial Tumouir Disease threatens the existence of this internationally-recognised icon. In some areas more than 90% of the Tasmanian devil population has been wiped out.

Welcome. This site is your primary source for authoritative, up to date information on Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD). We will keep you informed of what is being done to save the Tasmanian devil and how you can help.


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Long-term impacts of DFTD on wild Tasmanian devils

A collaborative research project has investigated the long-term impacts of the Devil Facial Tumour Disease on the population status of wild Tasmanian devils.
Last published: 31/01/2018

Slow Down - Devils on the Move

Motorists are reminded to be aware of dispersing juvenile Tasmanian devils as they roam the landscape, including roads, in search of a home range of their own.
Last published: 21/12/2017

Update on wukalina/Mount William Wild Devil Recovery

The Wild Devil Recovery Project is a trial to look at release techniques, vaccination efficacy to boost devil immunity to DFTD and introduce genetic diversity to incumbent wild Tasmanian devil populations. The WDR is looking at whether vaccination can successfully provide an immunity boost to devils against DFTD while studying the impacts on resident devil populations.
Last published: 01/11/2017

Annual Monitoring Program - Update

DPIPWE's annual monitoring program has found that devils are persisting in the landscape and are co-existing with Devil Facial Tumour Disease.
Last published: 24/08/2017

Wild Devil Recovery Update

Tasmanian devils released into the wild are persisting despite a range of threats including disease and roadkill.
Last published: 18/07/2017

Field Work Goes Hi-Tech

Thanks to a generous donation from the Wellington Zoo Conservation Fund, the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program has been able to increase efficiency of field staff with the purchase of new tablets and the development of purpose specific software.
Last published: 16/06/2017

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Who we are. The Save the Tasmanian Devil Program is the official response to the threat to the survival of the Tasmanian devil. The Program is an initiative of the Australian and Tasmanian governments in partnership with the University of Tasmania.

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